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Beginner's guide to Pot Farm.

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Beginner's guide to Pot Farm. Empty Beginner's guide to Pot Farm.

Post by Tetris on October 6th 2011, 7:49 pm

Pot Farm is a fun game. You can grow virtual pot, unlock new and cool items to purchase, expand your farm and earn cool prizes by completing quests.

So, on to some basics:

You level up by gaining XP. Just about EVERYTHING you do in the game gives you XP. Planting and harvesting, running contraptions and completing awards, just to name a few. Earn XP, level up. Simple, hey?

Now, you can get busted by Ranger Dick if you're not careful. You have a protection rating in the upper-right corner of the game. Keep that number in the positive (the number will be displayed will be black) and Ranger Dick will leave you alone. You get it in the negative (it will display the number in red with a '-' in front of it) and Ranger Dick will come and bust your crops when it's time to harvest them.

Each plant in the game has a protection rating. Some are in the positive (+) and some are in the negative (-). When you plant a seed with a negative number, your protection number will go down. You can also plant seeds such as corn and tomatoes that will boost your protection rating, but not until they are fully grown. Keep in mind that the protection you get from plants is not permanent and that your protection will go down when you harvest them. You can also buy various structures and decorations to increase your protection rating.

When harvesting your farm and you have plants on the field that give you a protection boost, remember to harvest those plants LAST. You don't want to be harvesting you protection giving plants and then get busted in the middle of harvesting them because your protection went down.

After you've harvested your farm, you plants will be located in your Stash, located on the right side of the screen, towards them bottom. Click on that and you will see your harvested plants available to sell. Sell what you want, but remember, contraption ingredients should be saved, if possible. More on that later.

That, my friends, is the very basics. Plant, harvest, sell. The developers of Pot Farm are very active and are constantly adding new things into the game. We have contraptions to run, awards to complete and quests for prizes. This has been a basic run-down of how to play. More detailed info to come soon.
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