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How to lock out items for your neighbors

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How to lock out items for your neighbors

Post by Tetris on November 18th 2011, 6:25 pm

A note from me:

I quit playing Pot Farm a while ago. This info is no longer being updated and maintained. I hope some of the info is still useful to players.

Cheers and happy farming,


When you have a shareable item, you will get a popup to share. You have the ability to limits who can see your post. Read on to find out how to lock pots to specific people or friend lists.

Click the button to share......

This page will pop up. Click the gear icon next to the 'share' button to bring up a menu. You will see a menu with various options. You can directly select a friend list if you want to share it that way. Click 'See all lists' if the one you want to use is not show. Click the 'Custom' option for more options.

This is the 'Custom' box. In the field under the 'Specific people or lists...' you can type in a friends name or a friend list name. Hit the 'Save Changes' button and share your post. You can also type you own name so only YOU can see it as well.
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