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My original 'Things I'd like to see in PF' FB note. POTFARMINFOLOGOFINAL

My original 'Things I'd like to see in PF' FB note.

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My original 'Things I'd like to see in PF' FB note. Empty My original 'Things I'd like to see in PF' FB note.

Post by Tetris on October 18th 2011, 2:13 am

I started working on this, figured I would port it over to here:

UPDATED 10/18/2011. Added strikethroughs to some things that have been addressed, but would still like to have the original content of my note here.

☢ ☮ ☢ ☮ ☢ ☮ ☢ ☮ ☢ ☮ ☢ ☮ ☢ ☮ UPDATED MAY 18th, 2011 ☮ ☢ ☮ ☢ ☮ ☢ ☮ ☢ ☮ ☢ ☮ ☢

Well, its been 7 months since I made the original list. Here come some more. I left the original list alone, even though a lot of it has been issued.

Fix the damn screen so it registers that you've clicked on something. I think this is now at an all time high for me having issues having to click things multiple times to get it to register. I have to move my view, or scroll in or out. Its getting really annoying.

More land. (even though we really don't need it. LMAO!!!)

Still think the Puff Puff Pass needs to be tweaked. I think they need to give us a lil bit more with this. See my note here: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] for my thoughts on that.

Awards for Acupulco Gold and repeaters.

Be able to flip contraptions.

Move the icons on the left and right sides of the screen ALL the way to the left and right sides of the screen when in fullscreen mode.

Fix using seeds that have been gifted to us. It is PAINFULLY slow to plant seeds that I have been gifted. Make them available to be planted with the 4x planter.

Fix the issue of using Guano that we get from Jitters in our Gift Box. VERY SLOW and the last time I checked, it didn't even work. You would Guano your plants and they would grow. You click to harvest them, but they're not ready to harvest. Refresh the page, they're back to being mounds of dirt and the Guano is gone out of your Gift Box. Guano that you get in your Gift Box should just get added to the Guano Counter. Why should it be a seperate entity on its own?

Still think the Awards section is not user friendly. Actually, with all the new things, I think its worse. I would just like to see a list of all the items that you can get awards for, arranged alphabetically on the left that you could scroll through. Click the appropriate entry and the awards list pops up on the right side of the window.

STILL want to see gazing balls.......


1. A counter how many wall posts we have remaining for the day. Have a tab to access a page with how many of each of the bunnies, bears, beavers, wood, seeds we have left to collect.

2. A general stats page. How many seeds we have in the ground and what they are. How many seeds we’ve planted of each strain total.

3. Fix the bottom tree line. Bump it down a little bit so we can see the bottom row. The sides could also use a little weedwacking.

4. Be able to toggle all of the on-screen icons (like Gifts, all the tools, neighbors, top bar) on and off for better screenshots.

5. Enable us to sell more than one gift at a time.

6. Enable us to PLANT more than one gift at a time without having to go into gifts for each and every seed.

7. Take the 'Jobs' icon completely out of the game until they're ready.

8. Payoff FB so we can send more than 22 gifts a day.

9. Better accuracy with the pointer. Sometimes you need to move things to get to other things.

10. Better layout of the screen. At least push the icons on left and right sides all the way over.

11. More land.

12. Easier way to harvest. Not gonna be what you think though, I think I have a nice twist on it. I’ve seen a lot of people post about this on the DB. I think that we should get a mass harvester, but we get less XP for using it. Buds need to be treated nice. Machinery is not going to help the quality of it, hence less XP.

13. More contraption awards and new contraptions themselves. With the seeds that are currently available, I think that new awards for what we have now would be easier than new contraptions.

14. Enable us to pause the background animations (anything not tied to planting, harvesting or your avatar walking around). For several reasons. Easier screenshots if we want to take multiple close ups and splice them together. This also would tie in with #5 up there. This would most likely benefit people with lower end machines. I still run a computer that is almost 8 years old. Pot Farm froze it a couple of times. I know that the animations were killing it.

15. An option to start our farmer in an assigned location on the farm.

16. A new décor item: Gazing balls!!!

17. Give us back the ability to post multiple mystery seeds without have to refresh the page between each one. With the limits in place we can get this back to how it was, right?? Please??

18. Better Awards page layout. Put tabs on the left for each strain. It’s a pain looking through 17 pages to find what you’re looking for.

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