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Sharing seeds. Empty Sharing seeds.

Post by Tetris on November 18th 2011, 9:56 pm

A note from me:

I quit playing Pot Farm a while ago. This info is no longer being updated and maintained. I hope some of the info is still useful to players.

Cheers and happy farming,


There a various seeds that you can plant that are shareable with your neighbors. When you harvest the plant, a popup appears asking if you would like to share.

Here is a list of what is shareable. The first set of seeds will allow your neighbors to claim a Mystery Seed from the post and most of them will give you Pot Bucks when you sell them. The exceptions are Acapulco Gold and Panama Red. They only sell for coins, but get you a fair amount of them.

  • Acapulco Gold
  • Pizza Flower
  • Cookie Bush
  • Ripple Chip Plant
  • Candy Heart
  • Cheezo Bush
  • Bacon Tree
  • Donut Tree
  • Jelly Bean Tree
  • Panama Red
  • Pie Cabbage
  • Banker's Bud (Single and 3x, see the section on Peoples Pot below for more details)

The following seeds will let your neighbors collect the same type of seed from your wall post. (The plants listed with a • at the end will only let you share if it is NOT a single plant.)

  • Love Potion•
  • Ditch Weed•
  • Chocolate Chunk•
  • OG Kush•
  • OG Kush Hollywood
  • Pineapple Punch•
  • Grim Reefer
  • Apotcolypse
  • Halloween•
  • Danny Boy•
  • Christmas Kush•
  • Alien Kush•
  • Alien Grey Kush
  • 420 Blues•
  • Wizards Weed•
  • Wizards Weed White

Mystery Seed Info

You can collect free Mystery Seeds every day when you friends post them to their walls. The maximum number of Mystery Seeds that you can collect is 153 per day.

The breakdown:

You can collect 4 Mystery Seeds off of each of these every day (for a total of 48):
Acapulco Gold
Ripple Chip
Candy Heart
Pie Cabbage
Panama Red
Blaze Runner

You can collect 50 Mystery Seeds off of single Bankers Bud and 3x Bankers Bud (for a total of 100).

You can collect 5 off of wall posts for the Ranger Prank snowman repeater.


The Peoples Pot
There is also Peoples Pot. This strain is unique in Pot Farm as it is the only strain that will give your neighbors a seed that is higher than what you harvested and is the only strain that lets you share off of a regular seed. There are single Peoples Pot, 4x Peoples Pot, 9x Peoples Pot and 20x Peoples Pot.

If you harvest a single PP, you will have the option to share it. People that claim off of this will receive a 4x PP. Harvest a 4x and share a 9x. Harvest a 9x and share a 20x. Harvest a 20x and you will get to share a Banker's Bud seed. Harvest a Bankers Bud and you can post a share for a Mystery Seed on your wall. The Bankers Bud sells for 1 Pot Buck when grown on your farm or you can sell the seed straight out of your Gift Box for 400,000 coins.

Sharing Your Seeds
A note on sharing your seeds. If you have multiples of the same seed on your farm to share, you must refresh your page between each seed of the same type in order to share them all. Say you have 3 Pizza's that you would like to share and you just click on all three of them. You will only get the option to share with the first one. The other two will not give you an option to share. Now if you have a 4x Choco Chunk and a 9x Choco Chunk, you WOULD be able to share both of them without refreshing the page.

If you have multiples of multiple plants to harvest, train them together. Say I have 2 of each of the following. Pizza, Pie Cabbage, Bacon and Cookies, I could click on one of each to post them, refresh the page and then click on the remaining 4 to post them. This technique also applies to an repeaters you may have.

A note on shareable seeds in the Hydros
If you plant Mystery Seeds or Jackpot Seeds in a Hydro setup and get a seed to share, you DO NOT have to refresh the page to share it if you have the same type of seed that you want to share on your farm. If I had a Bacon Tree to share and got 25 Bacon Trees in a Hydroponic Shack, you can share both without having to refresh the page.
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