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Post by Tetris on November 23rd 2011, 5:01 pm

I originally posted this on Pot Farm's wall, but it turned away from suggestions to people wanting everything. Copied and posted the relevant info here. Most of it are my posts. The last couple are not.

@Pot Farm: Kudos on the neighbor fix. Much better than it was. Still locks up some, but, on the whole, I feel it's better.

Not too thrilled with the pop-up for when we're selling things out of our Stash. I know it's there to prevent us from accidently selling something we're holding on to for contraptions and what-not, but it just makes selling things to SLOW. Especially when you do a big Mystery Seed run and have a lot of single plants that you don't want to keep.

Couple idea's to think upon in case you ever decide to change it:

*A check box that we can select on each item in the Stash to prevent us from selling them. Click on the box on an item and you don't have the option to sell it. Unclick it, sell away.

*Maybe a Session Stash tab IN the current Stash. Anything you harvest in your current game session would go there. Easy access to what you just harvested. Refresh the page, it all gets transferred to the Stash.

*A tab in the Stash for things you want to save. Have a was for us to move things into it.

Actually, now that I think of it, the Session tab might be easier to implement. Everything you harvest could still go into the Stash and the Session tab would just be a filter to show you what you've harvested in the current game session. Sure, people who don't know about it might sell something by accident, but if them post about it on here, people would explain it.

AND the +5 neighbor buttons instead of one at a time.....

And get rid of the selections when you click a neighbor "Visit Neighbor" and "Send Gift" just click and go Smile

And the Gift Box, too. The organizing part? Please? I would be happy with just having everything stay in one spot and not move around with each session.

Also, if I may, a sell all option for things stored. Like, if I have 10 purple mushrooms that I want to sell, it would be nice to be able to get rid of em all at once.

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